Collection: Children's pants

Minimene is a bit of a pants concern, when we couldn't find nice soft pants that would look more polite. So that there are no jeans or sweatpants. Then we had to make our own pants. That's how our more polite pants made of organic cotton and our super favorite pants with big pockets - suitable for both parents and children - were born. It seems that we have not been alone with our pants-concern, and other parents also appreciate our pants-inventions:) Our pants are made of organic cotton, stretch comfortably and move so that the children can do all the tricks in them. In terms of appearance, we tried to make it more like a pair of shorts, so that it would be suitable to be worn anywhere and anytime. Our selection includes shorts, casual pants and more formal pants. And, of course, retukai! All our pants are also perfect for slimmer children.