Collection: Children's hoodies and sweatshirts

Our sweatshirts are sewn from soft organic cotton - a soft and comfortable material that moves with the child. When making the jackets, we have taken into account that the jacket should be comfortably spacious in the body part, but at the same time the sleeves would comfortably fit inside the jacket sleeves without creasing up. So as not to unnecessarily irritate the little ones. Our selection includes both plain and striped sweater fabric hoodies, cozy soft cotton fleece fleece jackets and bomber jackets with a soft interior. All our hoodies are easy to care for. NB! By washing at 30-40 degrees according to the care instructions for organic cotton, during almost a year of practice, we have not managed to let the colors of the stripes of striped hoodies mix together. So - properly tested on 5- and 7-year-olds playing with soil, sand and other exciting things.