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I am Mari, an ordinary Estonian woman. I have three children, one husband and one dog.

As a little girl, crafts were one of my favorite activities, mainly knitting and crocheting. The first crocheted doll clothes were such that the plan was a dress for a big doll named Linda, but as a result, Barbie became richer by one scarf again... I continued to work until Linda finally got a dress for herself.

Soon I discovered sewing in addition to knitting and crocheting. I started my experiments on my mother's old Veritas sewing machine, which required all my strength to lift. And then one moment, when I was really sewing a lot, my dearest father bought me my first real Bernina sewing machine for a fortune.

The Bernina was super cool and probably more expensive than any other machine in our house. And I still have this machine and it works. I have been sewing with my Bernina for more than twenty years, and the first tests of Minimes clothing were also done with this machine.

From Minimes

Since having my own children, I have been fascinated by the world of children's clothing. Until the choice of children's clothes was up to me ( :) ), my children wore clothes that were, as it were, cut from big people's clothes. But finding such clothes was not so easy.

And so I've been rolling these thoughts in my head and thinking that maybe there are still people who would like to dress up children sometimes like grown-ups?

Minimes clothes are born from exactly such thoughts. My own children, their wishes and favorite elements in existing clothes have been the inspiration. And of course my wishes as a mother for my children's clothing.

We use high-quality, as organic as possible materials. Our fabrics today all have the GOTS certificate, so the fabrics are skin-friendly and produced in an environmentally sustainable way. But I do not rule out that some non-certified fabric may also be included in the selection, if its appearance is simply mega-awesome.

Many of our clothes come in double sizes so that children can wear them for longer. I'm sure that even those clothes that don't double size can be worn in multiple sizes. I just recently discovered my 104 cm tall son wearing shorts marked size 86. My daughter also recently wore them, who was 116 cm tall at the time of wearing the pants. Wearing an article of clothing for five sizes is exceptional, but it is more common for clothes made of material that stretches for 2-3 sizes.


I'm a big fan of recycling, especially when it comes to children's clothing. I can safely say that more than 80% of my children's wardrobe is recycling. Especially, of course, from the second and third child's wardrobe :)

That is why it was very important for me from the beginning that the used Minimes clothes could be easily and conveniently sent to a new circle. This is how the section NEW AGAIN was born on the Minimes website, where everyone can send their used Minimes clothes for sale.

So great that we became friends! Now go take a look at our store, do you also like the fashion of small people like big people :)

Thank you!
Mari, founder of Minimes